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We bought and paid for 75 sconces for our condo's corridors in August.They were NEVER delivered.

The "store" does not respond to our calls and emails. When Brian Okin, the owner, responded, we were told we could not cancel the order because the order was "in process". That was a LIE according to their own website. We were originally promised shipment in October.

It is now February and we still have no word and no sconces and NO MONEY. NEVER buy from this dealer. IGNORE his low prices.

He and his company are BOGUS!!!!!We are currently in litigation.

Home Center - Do not shop at homecenter.com

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Whatever you do, do not ship at homecenter.com.First, they will take your money right away and do not ship your products for another month.

If you contact them to ask what is the delay, they'll give you the run around and they do not have the product in stock. You will not be able to contact anyone for assistance. No one will help.

Just avoid them, they will charge you restocking fee, return fee and any other fees to get your money if you cancel.CEO is Brian Okin, he does not know how to run a business.



Homecenter.com is not to be trusted.I ordered a shower door from them with a posted price of $1099.

After 12 days with no communication from them I was informed that the price on the website was wrong and the actual price for the product would be $1650!

Needless to say, I canceled the order.I don't think that it is too much to expect that a web-based company would have the correct prices posted for their products.

Home Center - Homecenter Ripped Me Off

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Although a recent article in the New York Times leads me to believe that complaining about a bad experience with a vendor may actually help that vendor in internet search engines, http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/28/business/28borker.html?src=me&ref=business, I've got to share this miserable tale. In late September, I went looking for a new sink online. I found it at Homecenter.com and immediately submitted my order, using my Visa card to pay the $584.60 charge. Nowhere was it mentioned that the item would be on back order or that Homecenter.com would not be shipping the item to me themselves. When I hadn't received the sink over a week later, I contacted them by email on Oct. 6, asking about my order. I received a note that said they'd keep me updated by email. On Oct. 12, I asked for an update. I received an email that said the sink would ship on Oct.18.

On Oct. 19, I got an email that said shipping would be further delayed until Oct27! I called Homecenter and told the "Customer Service" (a misnomer if ever there was one!) representative that I wanted to cancel the order. She said I couldn't cancel on the phone and must send an email. I did that as soon as our conversation concluded. At that point, I made the assumption that it would be OK to go ahead and find the sink at another vendor, which I did. Later that day, I received an auto email from Homecenter, telling me "not to consider my order cancelled and not to order the item from anyone else! I also received an email from the representative, who said Homecenter would put the order on hold so the sink would not be sent to me while the order was in the process of being canceled. That was a lie.

Two days later, on Oct. 21, I received a note from the same representative, saying she would discuss this with her manager! I responded, saying "what is there to discuss I have canceled the order, following your instructions for doing so". She contacted me the next day, saying my order couldn't be canceled and would be shipped to me on Oct 27. She said there was nothing she could do. A week later, the sink from Homecenter arrived via UPS. I refused delivery and told the UPS man to send the item back.

I called and told Homecenter that the sink was on its way back to them. The representative said she would do an RMA for me. Three weeks later, on Nov. 22, I received another note from them: "You refused the package. It was sent back to the NY warehouse. It was suppose to be returned to Kohler. When requesting a RGA you are not allowed to refused the package. The package has to go to travel form NY to Wisconsin. I have to inform Kohler of the shipment". This semi-literate note obviously wasn't helpful and contradicted the conversation I'd had with the representative who had told me she would handle the RMA for me.

The Homecenter representative who was handling my order did not treat the matter seriously. If she had started the cancellation process when I submitted my email, I believe this situation would have been resolved. Also, since the sink was not shipped directly to me from Kohler, Homecenter could easily have stopped the shipment at their facility in Uniondale, NY, which it passed through before coming to me!

According to Homecenter's return policy, I am now responsible for paying a 25% restocking fee. Since the sink in question was priced at $594, this fee is not small! I sent an email asking that the restocking fee be waived but have not heard anything back. It's now late December and they have had my money for three months. They're not communicating with me and they haven't responded to a letter from the Better Business Bureau of New York, where I submitted a complaint.


Mohegan Lake, New York, United States #227941

Homecenter.com is not a legitimate business.It's a cleverly devised drop ship scam.

Your experience is not atypical, rather the norm. You're not a customer, just another mark.

The only way to resolve your problem is to handle it through your credit card company.

It's good that you filed a complaint.If more people did, perhaps this scam operation would eventually be put out of business.

Home Center - Homecenter.com Drop Ship Scam!

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Homecenter.com is a fraudulent drop ship business. They attract as many customers(marks) as possible with low prices, then attempt to collect large drop ship fees or order cancellation fees.

The New York BBB rates Homecenter.com F, the lowest possible rating. Do a google search for "homecenter.com complaints" to see how many people have been victimized by this drop ship scam. Please don't be one of them.

If you've already been victimized by the Homecenter.com scam, please take the time to file a complaint with the New York Better Business Bureau: http://www.newyork.bbb.org/Find-Business-Reviews/. Type Homecenter.com for the business name, then click on File Complaint.

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Home Center.Com is a ripoff

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I ordered 2 sinks from Home Center.com and paid $794 for these high end items.After ordering them and finding out I could get them quicker and cheaper from another company I quickly tried to cancel my order.

The problem is that home center.com has a little trick for people trying to return items. Based on the recording, you will always be the second person waiting for customer service. The problem is that you will wait until eternity. I tried a few more times and then tried to contact someone in new sales.

Of course they pick up the phone right away and then they state that they cant help you and will transfer you to the ever waiting recording that states you are number two for customer service.

I have tried emails and faxes to no avail.Since I live about 1 hour away from the company address I'm going to take a little trip to see my friends at home center.com

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